The Golden Pagoda is located at Tengapani (also known as Chongkham), in the Namsai District of Arunachal Pradesh, in North East India. The Golden Pagoda is known to the local Tai-Khamti tribal people as ‘Khongmu-kham’.

The Golden Pagoda  is undoubtedly the most prominent amongst the pagoda in the state as well as in the north east of India because of its splendor and essence.

The Golden Pagoda, with four entrances was consecrated in February 2010 and has a large meditating Buddha statue inside it. This Buddha statue was donated by Ven Prakhu Pabhavana, the chief monk of the Wat Aranjikavas of Thailand. Each of the four entrances of the shrine is guarded by a pair of mythical lions. On four corners of the outer base of the main shrine are a bell, Vasundhara the goddess of wealth, a monk and four deities. A pond to the left of the entrance gate and a Ashoka pillar on the eastern side of the main shrine are some of the main features of the Golden Pagoda complex.

The Golden Pagoda complex also houses a meditation hall, a multipurpose hall, guest houses for travelers and devotees, a library, a monastery to accommodate around 100 Bhikkhus and living quarters for the monks.

The Pagoda complex is on National Highway 52, at Tengapani which is on the way to Parashuram Kund. Closest airport is Dibrugarh in Assam, which is 110 kms away.

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