Tarkarli is about 30 kms from Kudal railway station of Konkan railway. Tarkarli beach shot into fame after Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation(MTDC) started the beach resort in Tarkarli and declared Tarkarli as one of the premiere beach destination in Maharashtra

.Tarkarli is very fast growing tourist hub and is becoming the next preferred location after goa from the past few years.

Tourists from all over the world are seen at this place round the year, Tarkarli is blessed with beautiful and clear white sand beaches, serene backwaters, silence and greenery in the nature and lots of other attractive places like traditional markets, temples, forts in the nearby villages and city. Moreover features like snorkeling, dolphins and scuba diving have added to the popularity of the hub.

The ideal sites for scuba diving in Tarkarli are: Vengurla Rocks, Sindhudurg Fort and Devbaug Sangam. Few agencies nearby provide training & guides for these water sports activities. Guides and instructors are nice & helpful and interested people can also enroll for a special certification course. Tourists can also enjoy other common water sports like jet-ski, parasailing, banana rides and dolphin boat rides at Tarkarli beach Maharashtra. This beach is a good place to enjoy water sports!

Places to visit in Tarkarli Beach :

Sindhudurg Fort:


Rameshwar Temple:

Amboli Hill Station:

Bhalachandra Maharaj Ashram:

Kunkeshwar Beach:

Bhogave Beach:

Nivati Beach:

Shiroda Velagar Beach:

Kunkeshwar Temple:

Dhamapur Lake:

Bhagwati Temple:

Bharadi Devi Angnewadi:

Jay Ganesh Temple:

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