Pin Valley National Park is the only National Park in Himachal Pradesh which is situated in the cold desert area. The park covering an area of 675 sq km as core zone and 1150 km as buffer zone.

There are about 17 villages situated in the periphery of the park with a total population of about 1600 people. Besides this there are about 17 Dogharies (Summer settlements) with some cultivation inside the park. These Dogharies are used as summer residences by these people. The local residents in the whole Pin Valley consists of scheduled tribes belonging to Buddhist community. There is a famous Gompa in the Kungri vilage which is situated on the buffer zone of this park. The Chham dance and Buchen dance by the Lamas of this Gompa are very famous dances in the valley.

Wildly furious but majestic Pin River flows right through it, turning the entire valley into carpets of green with snow capped mountains rising in the background. Sunny weather, strong winds, miles and miles of isolation, stunning views, enchanting silence, colorful flowers all around, the transformation from shades of a desert to acres of greenery; put this all together and you have a magical Pin valley to lose yourself into.

Places to Visit in Pin Valley

Spiti and Pin River Confluence: You will see this right when you take the turn towards Pin Valley at Attargo. A great sight as both these rivers merge into each other.

Kungri Monastery: This is Spiti’s second oldest Monastery and was built around 1330 AD. Monks here are very warm people, would offer you something to eat and if asked, may even let you stay overnight at the monastery.

Pin-Parvati Pass Trek: At an altitude of 5319 meters, this Pass connects Parvati Valley to Pin Valley and is one of the most challenging and popular trek routes in Himachal.

Bhabha Pass Trek: Another popular trek that starts from Mud Village, crossing over Bhabha Pass at an altitude of 4,850 meters over to Bhabha Valley.

Wildlife: This of course remains the prime attraction of Pin Valley. Take a walk through the valley and if you are lucky, you may spot an Ibex or someone else from the wonderful animal life here.

Pin River Beach: A great spot where you can leave your car on the road and come down on the banks of Pin River to click some pictures,

The View at the Mud Village: A great view visible from everywhere in Mud Village.

Pin Valley National Park: It is an animal sanctuary known as home to the grey ghost of Himalayas, the Snow Leopard.