Peb fort, also known as Vikatgad, rises to a maximum altitude of 2,050 ft and was primarily used as a granary and watchtower by the ruling armies. The strategic location of the hill provides a commanding view of Chanderi fort, Nakhind hill, Malanggad, Tahuli, Prablagad, Kalavantin & Matheran plateau in clear weather.


Located approximately 80 km from Mumbai and less than 120 km Pune, it’s conveniently accessible by public transport. With five different trails of varying difficulty and length, Peb fort is the ideal trek for anyone looking for a good excursion close to Matheran.


One of the fascinating features of the fort is the unique narrow approach to the top. If you are climbing it from the North, then a easy grade rock patch has to be tackled to reach the top. On the other hand, if you have reached the fort from Matheran end, then a rickety ladder overlooking the deep valley stands between you and the temple!