Kannan Devan Tea Estate is a Tata-owned tea estate in Munnar which homes to most of the tea estates of Munnar. The Tata Tea Museum, also known as KDHP Museum, is located at 2 km from the centre of Munnar. It is a part of the Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea.

This museum stands as a tribute to all the pioneers of tea plantations of Munnar who turned it into one of the major tea distributors of Kerala. Tata Tea Museum is a one-of-its-kind museum of India. Tourists visiting here get to know about the establishment and progress of the tea plantation industry in India. Right from the manually operated tea roller to the fully automated tea factory, you get to know about every single fact related to the Munnar’s tea plantation’s automation.

Things to Do:-

>>If you want detailed information about the tea plantations and the way things work, you can attend the show. There are two show timings- one at 10 A.M.and the other is held at 2 P.M. The demonstrators show you a variety of tea and much more.

>>With a nominal fee of 100 INR, you can taste the many different kinds of teas that are displayed. One just cannot afford to miss out on this wonderful opportunity

>>The place also sells herbal tea and other varieties of tea at a counter. The rates are pretty reasonable and are a must buy.

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