Idukki is the spice garden of Kerala. With the Sahya ranges occupying most of the geographical area, Idukki is one of the most nature rich areas of Kerala. High ranges and wooded valleys of Idukki offers diverse attractions like wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations, spice plantation tours, jungle walks and safaris, mountain treks, elephant rides etc.

Idukki is known for its large hydroelectric project. The Idukki arch dam, 554 feet (169 metres) high, on the Periyar River, was completed in 1974. It connects two huge rocks—Kurathi, 3,035 feet (925 metres) high, and Kuravan, 2,753 feet (839 metres) high. Together with the Cheruthoni dam (1976), on the Cheruthoni River, and the Kulamavu dam (1977), on the Muvattu Puzha River, the Idukki dam forms a large reservoir. The dam is used primarily for flood control and to generate hydroelectric power.

The route to go to Idukki Dam is to first reach Cheruthoni Dam.

from the Cheruthoni Dam, you will get a EV every 10-15 mins. this EV then takes u to Idukki Dam. You can go there by walk also but that's little long (around 2 kms)

You can stay there for 15-20 Mins and the EV gets you back. The ticket to Idukki are available at Cheruthoni Dam. For EV you will have to shell more.

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